Saturday, July 1, 2017

All Good Things

I've have always been a voracious reader, making time for books during good times and bad. There's nothing books haven't gotten me through (and some of those bad times were extraordinarily difficult). Books are my refuge, and I love that they take up so much space in my tiny life.

Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, I'm putting this blog and reviewing books on hold. Reading is something that has always been fun for me, and sometimes blogging about the books, and the pressure to keep up with the reviews, has felt more like work than fun, especially as some of the authors I have come to love have let me down in some pretty big ways.

I'm taking a break from reading romance in order to read more nonfiction, and this blog wasn't really meant to review books that are at times of the utmost seriousness. I'm also taking a break from romance because there are times when reading about people falling in love, their great lives, and unimaginable joy, make my anxiety and depression worse. I love reading a happily ever after, but when you feel and HEA may not really be in your future, reading about them stir up all my worse emotions. I have loved spending time with amazing characters who rule over amazing worlds.

Now, I'd like to possible write some characters of my own. Spend some time in my own head instead of someone else's. For now, that means putting down someone else's books and picking up my pen. I hope you've enjoyed reading along with me. I hope you found out about some great books. Hopefully in the future you'll be able to pick up one of mine.


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