Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Assumptions by Melanie Codina ♡♡♡.5

Assumptions (Assumed Expectations, #1)Assumptions by Melanie Codina is the first book I've read by this author. It's another book which was recommended to me by Goodreads because of another book I read.

Assumptions tells the story of Leeann, a physical therapist, who starts to fall for college soccer player Jonathan. She has a rule against dating jocks, but she can't help but fall for Jonathan's charm and good looks.

But throughout their time together they face a few different issues. Some coming from outsiders and some due to Leeann's assumptions.

I enjoyed this easy quick read. There was drama and issues for the couple, but none of them really lasted long. I would say the story was predictable, and the issues the couple had were easily solved. Which made it an easy read.

I would probably read more books by Melanie Codina if something caught my eye. I usually like a book with a bit more tension, but books like these can be good between the tearjerkers.

Have you read anything by Melanie? What did you think?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

This is Falling by Ginger Scott ♡♡♡♡.5

This is Falling (Falling, #1)This is Falling by Ginger Scott is a book that has been sitting on my Nook for so long, I'm not really sure where I found out about it. I've put it off because I wasn't sure I wanted to read another new adult book about a girl who went through a tragedy where we don't find out what happened until the middle of the story. Been there. Done that. But I'm so glad I picked it up because I was blown away.

This is Falling tells the story of Rowe and Nate. Rowe is going to college a thousand miles from home after being home schooled for two years because of something that has left her damaged in more ways than one. Nate is a baseball player who falls for Rowe the moment he sets eyes on her. And he's willing to take things slow with her, even though he's not sure what happened to her, and Rowe isn't really telling.

So, I normally hate when there's some big secret kept, especially when the story is in first person. It usually doesn't make sense and feels forced, but in This Is Falling, it was perfect to the character. I enjoyed watching Rowe open up and deal with her issues, and watching Nate patiently wait for her and help her along the way was beautiful.

I laughed, cried, and lost a lot of sleep reading this book. I could not put it down! I can't wait to start another book by Ginger Scott, because This is Falling was so good. Her characters were wonderfully written, and she took a difficult situation and turned it into a beautiful story.

Have you read any books by Ginger Scott? What did you think? Any recommendations on what to read next?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles ♡♡♡.5

Stupid Girl (Stupid in Love, #1)Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles is the first book I've read by this author. I came across it on Goodreads, and I love a good story about a player changing his ways. So, I decided to give it a shot.

Stupid Girl is the story of Olivia, a Texas girl with a murky past, and Brax, the school bad boy who wears his bad ass persona on his sleeve. They fall for each other pretty hard, and have to work through their pasts of they want to stay together.

I loved loved loved the story. It was a great premise, and I really felt for the characters. For, possibly, the first time ever, I loved a book where I felt the writing could have been so much stronger. There were words that were repeated, and there were some spots where the writing felt awkward. I have never loved a story so much and felt so "eh" about the writing.

I want to read more by Cindy Miles, especially the next book in this series, Stupid Boy. And I am hoping the writing gets better with time.

What do you think? Have you read Cindy Miles? What do you think about her writing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rhett by J. S. Cooper ♡♡♡.5

Rhett (Rhett, #1)Rhett by J. S. Cooper is another book I found out about through BookBub. I thought the premise sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try. This is the first new adult book I've read since I decided to take a break from them.

Rhett tells the story of Rhett and Clementine from Rhett's perspective. Rhett and Clementine have been best friends since elementary school. Since he hit puberty, Rhett has been with many different girls, while Clementine has been his best friend and dated no one. Now that Clementine is thinking about dating, Rhett is starting to realize he doesn't want her to be with anyone. He wants her instead. And we watch as everything starts to fall apart.

This was probably the first new adult book I've read which is entirely from the guy's perspective. I really enjoyed the story, and I loved the friendship Rhett and Clementine had. It seemed real and so genuine.

Since the story was from Rhett's perspective the book was much more explicit than I usually enjoy. Even the sex scenes were more vulgar than what I usually read or enjoy. There were also quite a few places with grammatical errors.

Overall, I enjoyed Rhett, and will likely read the next book, Rhett in Love. Has anyone else read this book? What did you think? 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Third Degree by Julie Cross ♡♡♡♡

Third DegreeThird Degree by Julie Cross is a book I bought quite some time ago. I thought the premise sounded intriguing, but I kept putting off reading it. I was an RA in college, and I thought it would get the ways that worked wrong, and I thought the story about a prodigy going back to do college the “normal” way could come off weird. But I was completely wrong about everything.  

Third Degree tells Isabel’s story. She is a child prodigy, doctor at 19, but she can’t practice on her own due to some unforeseen circumstances on her part. So she goes back to college (undergrad) to experience the things she missed out on the first time around. She meets Marshall, her kind of off limits RA, who tries to help her gain all the experiences she didn’t have. And of course, they fall for each other. 

There are many things I would like to say about this book that I can’t because that would mean spoilers. But I’m not sure I have ever read a book like it before. It showed people that I could have known in college dealing with real problems (like disease, written in a way that is very real to the situation). And even though Isabel is a prodigy, she still deals with the emotions so many of us do when we leave home for the first time, fall in love, and go through family issues.
Julie Cross did a great job of taking an extraordinary girl , and showing how there are so many things that make her ordinary. 

Third Degree is a must read. I am going to find more books by Julie Cross to read now. There are lots!