Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Play of Light by Debra Doxer ♡♡♡.5

Play of LightPlay of Light by  Debra Doxer was a book I found through NetGalley. And I really did enjoy the story.

Play of Light tells the story of Sarah and Spencer. Sarah leads a fairly boring life until Spencer comes to town. She wants to be good friend to him above everything else, but he makes that difficult with the home life he doesn't want anyone to find out about and his brooding nature. And then everything thing goes to hell when tragedy strikes. They're brought back together 5 years later, and all their demons come back to life.

I thought this was a solidly good story. It was interesting to see Spencer and Sarah grow up together and be pushed back together years later. And their chemistry in the story was great.

The story started in the past, went to the present, back to the past, and then back to the present. I would have liked if the story started in the past and then went to the present. I understand this might be difficult since the characters aren't really established in our minds, but it would have made the story more coherent.

Overall, I think this was a great story, and I would recommend reading it. Have you read any of Debra Doxer's books? What did you think?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One Last Song by S.K. Falls ♥♥.5

One Last Song by  S.K. Falls ♥♥.5

One Last SongOne Last Song by S.K. Falls is a book I was given by NetGalley in return for a review, and it is the first book I've read by this author.

One Last Song tells Saylor's story. She has Munchausen which means she makes herself sick for attention. She starts volunteering at a hospital and starts attending a group for terminally ill twentysomethings. She tells them she has MS, but she forms feelings for them and friendship, and that makes the lie harder to keep, especially when she fall in love with one of the group members, Drew.

I did enjoy the story quite a bit, but felt there was something missing. I wanted the characters to be developed beyond just their sickness, because people are more than their illness, even when it is terminal.

Also, from the cover, you would never know Saylor was half Indian. That's no fault on the part of the author, but this instance of "white washing" was very upsetting and disappointing.

I would say give it a try. The story was good, and the relationship between Saylor's illness and her family was very interesting. Let me know what you think.

One Last Song on Goodreads

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love Show by Audrey Bell ♥♥♥♥♥

Love ShowLove Show by Audrey Bell is the first book I have read by this author, but it will not be the last. It was a great story and a quick read.

Love Show is the story of Hadley, who is set on finishing her senior year strong so she can get a job at the New York Times and report on the Middle East. She literally runs into Jack, and kisses him before she even knows his name. Hadley decides she can handle friends with benefits, but only with a strict set of rules on how to handle their relationship.

This story had me up all night reading. The story was heartfelt and funny. All the characters were beautifully written, even the side characters. I laughed, I cried, and I can't wait to read another book by Audrey Bell. Grab this book ASAP. have you read any of Audrey Bell's other books? What did you think?

Inspire by Cora Carmack ♥♥♥

Inspire (The Muse, #1)Inspire by Cora Carmack is her first paranormal new adult book. I have really enjoyed many of her past books, and this book was no different.

This book tells the story of muse Kalli. She has spent thousands of years inspiring artists. But she falls for a business guy, Wilder, who, it turns out, is actually an artist too.

Kalli doesn't know how to handle the fact that Wilder is an artist, or her immortality in the face of her desire to be with Wilder.

I really enjoyed getting both sides of the story from Wilder and Kalli. And the story itself was great. I didn't realize until the end of the book that it would be part of a series that focused on the same characters, so I didn't think we get to know Kalli very well. I just didn't feel connected to her as a character because so much of her was a mystery. But I'm hoping as the series continues, we will get to know her better.

I am very interested to see where this story is going and getting to know Kalli and Wilder better. And it's always nice to see more paranormal NA. Has anyone else read this yet? What did you think?

Forgive Me by Eliza Freed ♥♥

Forgive Me (Lost Souls, #1)

Forgive Me by Eliza Freed is a book I came across on NetGalley; I had also seen quite a few authors promoting the book, so I decided to pick it up. It has a very compelling premise, but the story just wasn’t there for me.

Forgive Me starts out with Charlotte home from Rutgers for the summer. Her summer comes to a halt when her parents are killed in a car accident. And Jason, a former high school classmate and New Jersey cowboy, is there to pick up the pieces and mend her broken heart. This story takes place over two years, and in that time we watch Charlotte and Jason try and make a relationship work long distance since Jason goes to school and participates in rodeos in Oklahoma and around the mid-west.

Starting with what I liked, I would have to say the story is well written. The author obviously knows how to tell a story. And that’s about where it ends for me.

Charlotte spends most of the story in fear over Jason’s reaction to different situations. In some ways, she is obviously a strong person, but a person shouldn’t live in so much fear of their significant other.  She’s also willing to give up pretty much everything to someone who has her coming in second place to the rodeo. Yes, it’s a realistic view of some relationships, not everyone comes in first place with the person they love, but it was strange considering Jason wanted to be the number one priority where Charlotte was concerned.

I did not like Jason. He was stoic, which made for very little dialogue throughout the story, and especially when it was just Jason and Charlotte. He was domineering, held a lot of rage, and he always had to have things his way. He wants Charlotte in his life, but only on his terms.

There was also a lot of sex in this book. I think that is ok, but the characters used it as a way to get out of talking that they could have resolved many of their problems if they would just talk about them.

Lastly, the ending wasn’t unhappy, but it was a cliff hanger. Although, it was expected after a particular character was introduced half way through the story for no real reason. But I don’t think I will be reading the sequel.

Give the book a shot and let me know what you think. Have you read this book already? What do you think? 

Broken by Lauren Layne ♥♥♥♥

Broken (Redemption, #1)Broken by LaurenLayne is the second book I’ve read by this author. I loved the first book, and this book was equally great. Isn’t She Lovely is sort of the book that comes before Broken, but you don’t really need to have read Isn’t She Lovely to read Broken, but I think it would be helpful.

Broken tells the story of Olivia, who drops out of college right before her senior year. She made a mistake (which you will know about if you read Isn’t She Lovely) that she is trying to make up for by taking care of a wounded veteran. Only problem? The veteran, Paul, is her age and she is extremely attracted to him even with his scarred face and soul.

This book had so much to it that had me up all night reading. The chemistry between Paul and Olivia was ridiculously awesome, even though it was something neither of them wants. The story was funny in so many ways, but it was also heartbreaking. I had to keep reading to find out if Paul and Olivia would get their happily ever after together. You’ll have to read it to see how that goes for them. But the book was awesome. It would have been 5 ♥s, but we get the story from both points of view, and both characters often thought the same things. I’m not sure if that was to show how similar the characters are, but it felt like maybe there wasn’t enough of a separation between who the characters were in some places.

Have you read any books by Lauren Layne? If not, you definitely should. If you have, which was your favorite?