Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Better When He’s Bold by Jay Crownover ♡♡♡♡♡

Better when He's Bold (Welcome to the Point, #2)Better When He’s Bold is the second book in Jay Crownover’s Welcome to the Point series. I surprised myself by loving Better When He’s Bad, and I think I liked this story even more.

Better When He’s Bold tells the story of Race, whom we met in book one (read it if you haven’t already) and Brysen. Race likes the challenge Brysen presents. She gives him the cold shoulder and the impression that she hates the ground Race walks on. Brysen is ridiculously attracted to Race, but has her family to worry about and doesn’t want to get involved with a criminal.

But when someone seems to have set their sights on hurting Brysen, she doesn’t know who else can help protect her except Race. They need to find out who is coming after her before it’s too late.

This was an amazing story. I don’t know exactly how Jay Crownover can convince me to fall in love with these seriously bad guys, who are literally criminals. But she has a way of making them human. They aren’t just looking out for themselves; they are trying to change a world that eats people alive by making it a little more livable, just not in a legal way.

The chemistry between Race and Brysen was palpable and their story was really awesome. I loved getting to know Race better and learning about Brysen.

If you haven’t already, you need to read all of Jay Crownover’s books. This one was especially great! Have you read it? What did you think?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Eversea by Natasha Boyd ♡♡♡

Eversea (Eversea, #1)Eversea by Natasha Boyd is a book I first saw when it was on sale through BookBub. I picked up the book because of the compelling premise. I like stories about a famous person going to a small town and falling for someone who lives there.

That is exactly what happens in Eversea. Kerri Ann lives in a small town as a waitress working to help restore her family home. Jack, a famous actor, comes to town and falls for her immediately. They have quite the tumultuous time of things.

I enjoyed watching Kerri Ann try and figure out who she was and what she wanted for her life, and whether that life can include Jack.

This was a gripping story that kept me reading. I wanted to know what was going to happen, and what decisions Kerri Ann would make. I also loved the genuine Southern setting. Natasha Boyd really captures what it's like to live in the South. And I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I bought it as soon as I finished the first.

Has anyone else read this book? What did you think? 

Eversea on Goodreads

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout ♡♡♡♡.5

Wicked (A Wicked Saga, #1)Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout was so much better than I could have expected. I have been reading her books for some time now, and I have enjoyed them in the past, but as a reader, I am skeptical of authors going from realistic to paranormal, mostly because I love paranormal and don't read many authors who do both. But I have to say Wicked changed my mind.

Wicked is kind of a difficult book to explain without telling you everything about the world it's set in. But the gist of it is that in this book fairies are evil, and Ivy, our heroine, is part of a secret society, the Order, who are responsible for finding and killing them. Enter Ren, the new guy from Colorado, who Ivy is charged with showing around New Orleans. There is all kinds of story and secrets between them.

More importantly, the equinox is approaching, which is going to cause problems for the Order. Ivy and Ren are trying to figure out things between them, and figure out how to keep more fairies from getting into our world.

This had to be one of my favorite books so far this year. I am so happy to see more paranormal books making their way into new adult, and this one did a great job setting up a world within our own. But it still had that great coming of age love story. And it ended on a huge cliffhanger,  and now we have to wait until summer for the next book, Torn

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mayhem by Jamie Shaw ♡♡♡♡

Mayhem (Mayhem #1)Mayhem by Jamie Shaw is a book I picked up because Jay Crownover said she loved it. That means I had to read it, because Jay knows best.

Mayhem  tells the story if Rowan, a college freshman who is about to experience heartbreak followed by an exhilarating weekend.

She ends up on tour with a band to tutor the devastatingly hot, playboy, lead singer Adam.He doesn't realize they've met before, and she doesn't want him to know that she's the girl he's been looking for since they first met. She's falling for him with each passing moment, but she knows he's just not the girlfriend kind of guy. And we watch and see what their crazy chemistry creates.

I really enjoyed the story, the characters, and everything that went along with it. There is no resisting a guy like Adam; Rowan never stood a chance.

I felt a bit disconnected from Rowan; I had a very hard time really empathizing with her. This might be because she seemed so set on keeping Adam at arm's length when she so badly wanted to be with him. She also had some weird things going on with her ex. But I still really loved the story!

If you haven't already,  give Mayhem a read. Just in time for the next, Riot,  book to come out next week!