Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Unidentified Redhead by Alice Clayton ♥♥♥

Alice Clayton is becoming one of my favorite authors for pure adult romance. I’m usually more of a New Adult gal, but it’s fun to read about grownups every once in a while. The Unidentified Redhead tells the story of Grace, a thirty something who is getting her life back on track to follow her dreams of becoming an actress. Jack is a twenty-four year old whose stardom is new and quickly blossoming.

These two come together with quite a bang (to say the least). And we see Grace deal with the insecurity of dating a younger man who is a rising star, the joy of finding someone who seems to want her as she is, and the dilemma that leaves her with when she lands what may be her big break.

This book has all the sex (not sex exactly, but you’ll know what I mean once you read it) I expected from Wallbanger, but with much more sass. It was awesome to see what was happening between Jack and Grace. Alice Clayton seems to have a knack creating characters who feel so real. Grace’s inner monologues were hilarious, and her interactions with Jack seemed so genuine, exactly what I expected of a new couple.

Did I mention Jack is British? Which makes him all the more attractive and had me picturing Benedict Cum
berbatch (who is not twenty-four, but amazing all the same).

My only real issue is that we don’t get to know Jack very well. He and Grace spend so much time together that I hoped we would know more about him by the end. Perhaps some of that is being saved for the sequel, so I shouldn’t complain too much. All those things that Grace decided to put out of her mind for the duration of this book will have to be brought up sometime. I’ll be onto The Redhead Revealed soon enough. 

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