Friday, February 28, 2014

All of You by Christina Lee ♥♥♥♥.5

If you’re trying to find new books to read  or keep up with books in your favorite genre, I suggest you follow your favorite authors on Twitter, if you’re not already. That’s how I found out about Christina Lee’s All of You, and I am so glad I did, because I really loved this book!

Avery is an independent, strong willed, college student who likes to play the field, no strings attached. Bennett isn’t willing to break promises he’s made to himself for a one night stand.  He’s saving himself for real love. Avery isn’t sure she wants to open herself up to the possible heartache that falling in love can cause. But neither Avery nor Bennett can resist the other.

All of You was a great read. Avery and Bennett have both dealt with some poor parenting, practically raising themselves and being parents to their younger siblings.  And Avery’s past is even murkier than just bad parenting. Getting to know these characters through Avery’s eyes was a great journey. The characters seem like real people, people I know. Seeing that is a book is a rare and wonderful occurrence.

I didn’t have any real issues with the book. Bennett saving himself for love was my biggest problem in that you don’t really see guys in real life like that (this coming from a girl who grew up in a house with too much testosterone). His past did make it a bit more believable. I just can’t decide if guys like him exist in real life. We can hope, right?

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. The opening line was one of the best I’ve ever read. It was so captivating. After that I couldn’t wait to read the rest. Now I’m looking forward to reading Before You Break, which, luckily, just came out and is ready to read!

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