Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deceiving Lies by Molly McAdams ♥♥♥♥.5

Deceiving Lies by Molly McAdams is the second book in the Forgiving Lies series, and so far I have really loved this series (seems we may get some more books for this series in the future). Since this is the second book we’re talking about, here is your SPOILER ALERT. I can’t talk about this book without giving a lot away about Forgiving Lies. So, if you haven’t read that yet, then you don’t want to read any further. You’ve been warned!

***************************BEGIN SPOILERS*****************************

Moving right along…

Deceiving Lies is a continuation of Kash and Rachel’s story. After the hell they went through in the previous book with Rachel’s stalker and kidnapping, Kash and Rachel are moving on with their lives. Rachel seems to have moved on from everything that happened with Blake, and have moved in with Kash. She’s getting to Kash’s family and dealing with the emotions of planning a wedding without her parents.

Everything comes crashing down when Rachel is kidnapped. We watch the downward spiral that causes for Kash as he does everything he can to find her. And we see Rachel grow close to the man who took her while she waits for Kash to save her.

This book and this series are my favorites by Molly McAdams. This book in particular has so much going on and had me on an emotional roller coaster along with the characters. I loved seeing Rachel’s faith in Kash while at the same time watching her struggle with the feeling she has about her kidnapper turned protector. As Rachel wrestles with her emotions, Kash is falling apart with grief over losing her again. It was heartwarming to see that there were no boundaries as to what he would do to save Rachel and to ensure her happiness. In the end, I was happy with how the story ended for everyone.

I’m hoping to have more stories like this from Molly McAdams in the future; I am looking forward to the possibility of a story from Mase and from Trent. A final warning (not regarding spoilers), if you’re looking you haven’t read Molly’s other series Taking Chances or From Ashes, don’t expect them to be so similar to this one. Be prepared for heartache and some unexpected situations/endings. I wasn’t happy when I finished those. I’ve never been so angry when I finished a book as I was when I finished Taking Chances. But I’m still looking forward to more books in the Forgiving Lies series. So go read the book already, and if you’re up for an emotional challenge, read the other series too! Happy Reading!

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