Friday, April 18, 2014

Relentless by Cassia Leo ♥♥♥.75

Relentless is the first book in the Shattered Hearts series by Cassia Leo. If you’re looking for a good, short read this could be the right book for you. But don’t think there won’t be any punch to the story just because it’s short. You’re in for a few surprises with this one.

Claire dropped out of college due to a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know about, least of all her hot new neighbor, Adam. As she and Adam grow close Claire worries about not only the secrets between them, but her first love, Chris.  Not only did Chris break her heart, but with his rise to fame there aren’t many ways to avoid him. Everything comes to a head when Chris comes back into her life, and her secret is revealed to both Adam and Chis.

There were a few things I didn’t enjoy about the book. I’ll get that out of the way so I can get to the good stuff. Something small, but bothersome, was the chapter titles. They all had the book title, Relentless, in them, it was a bit distracting. I think numbers would have been better. The other thing I thought was off putting were the links in the e-book (if you can get this in paper form, I doubt the links are there). It pulled me out of the story, and made me feel I needed too much guidance from the author. The links actually made me think of ditching the book. I’m glad I didn’t though.

The book had real heart. Even though the story didn’t take place at college, it still felt like a New Adult book given that Claire is trying to figure out who she is. She’s had a difficult life and has dealt with it so well. It was great to see a book with real life struggles with no good answer as to what’s best for the people in Claire’s life.

It was beautiful to watch Claire and Adam come to trust each other, and how they handled Chris walking into their lives. I’m glad to have read this book, and I’m looking forward to reading more by Cassia Leo. 

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