Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Blue Notes by Carrie Lofty ♥♥.5

Blue NotesBlue Notes by Carrie Lofty is a book that came up in my Goodreads recommendations. I really wanted to read it, partly because the book was compared to authors Jamie McGuire and S.C. Stephens (just the Thoughtless series, I didn't really enjoy the others I read), who I love. But I would have to say it did not really live up to such high standards.

Blue Notes is about piano prodigy and college student Keely. She’s starting her junior year at Tulane and she’s keeping a secret from everyone she knows. Especially from playboy billionaire Jude, who she meets at an open mic night.  They start a strange, tension filled relationship that may or may make it when Keely’s past, along with her close held secret, come back to haunt her.

Let’s talk about the good things first. Obviously, I really liked the idea of the story. Secrets that could ruin everything and a whirl wind romance are right up my alley. The book also had some really strong secondary characters, who I enjoyed spending time with.

But I had a really difficult time connecting with the main characters for most of the book. And being inside Keely’s head was a bit confusing at times. That may have been a stylistic choice since Keely herself is confused, but I found it unclear at times, which made it difficult to connect with Keely. And Jude was pretty much an arrogant ass for the first half of the book. He also felt the need to be in charge of everything, which made him feel overly domineering. I didn’t understand how someone with Keely’s past could be so attracted to someone with Jude’s personality. And then, halfway through the story, Jude becomes almost a completely different person. It was very strange.

Not connecting with the main characters is one of the hardest things for me to deal with when reading. I still wanted to know what was going to happen, but I didn’t fell their joy or pain. Carrie Lofty has a bunch of other books that aren’t New Adult, so I may give one of those a try. Let me know what you think!

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