Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Harder by Robin York ♥♥♥.75

Harder (Caroline & West, #2) 
Harder by Robin York is the follow up to Deeper. I’m going to try and keep this fairly free of spoilers, but if you haven’t read Deeper then I would avoid the rest of this review.

At the end of Deeper, West is leaving Caroline to go home and help take care of his sister. West doesn’t plan on seeing Caroline again; he’s not coming back to college. Harder begins with Caroline rushing to West’s side as he deals with a family crisis. He didn’t ask her to be there, and he doesn’t hide it. West is doing everything he can to push Caroline away, but she loves West and isn’t willing to give up on him.

I have very mixed feeling about this story. We get to see so much growth from West and Caroline throughout the story. I was very happy to see the natural way they came into adulthood. And obviously, I really loved these characters. For the most part, they felt like real people.

But I had a difficult time wrapping my head around Caroline’s persistence to stick by West’s side and her willingness to put up with so many awful things in an attempt to get back together with him. It seemed real and believable, but Caroline seemed thoroughly blinded by her love. I kept thinking, “Why does she keep doing this to herself?”

The sex scenes were also a bit explicit. Something I also felt in the first book. It wasn’t really about what was happening, but rather the language used to describe it. As opposed to the making it feel as if two people were really being brought together is a display of love, it felt more that it was about the action itself. I didn’t really like that, and I was glad there weren’t that many sex scenes.

The book has a great story, which trumps the things I didn’t enjoy as much. I would say read the story, but know that you are getting yourself into one of the most raw and gritty romance stories (that I have ever read). Enjoy, and let me know what you think!  

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