Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Be With Me by J. Lynn ♥♥♥.5

Be With Me is the second book in the Wait for You series by J. Lynn, and as such is not the first time we are meeting the Teresa and Jase who are our couple for this story. Although we did not have much interaction with them in the first book, and I believe you could read this book without reading the first. You should read Wait for You first though since it does give some background into some of Teresa’s feelings about certain things that you could miss. Plus, you would miss out on a pretty great story.

Be With Me was a good story. It was so interesting to see the way the author brought Teresa and Jase together just to tear them apart over and over again. And boy did Teresa have her plate full. That girl could not catch a break! Between guy problems, friend problems, death issues, and worrying that the dreams she had for her future may no longer be a viable option, it’s a wonder the guy problems don’t get tossed aside all together.

The story took turns that were both surprising and disturbing (and a few that were quite predictable). At one point I had to keep reading just to get the disturbing images out of my head so I could sleep.

The biggest turn off to the book was the way Jase would speak to Teresa about sexual things. She seems to swoon at his words, but they come off as a bit too much. They aren’t even the slightly cleaver innuendos expected of horny teenage boys. It is just blatant and a bit too crude. Definitely not swoon worthy. On a completely different note, there was one instance where the way a character’s name is spelled changed. It pulled me out of the story, but obviously isn’t anything to freak out about.

Otherwise, the story was great. For the most part, I was really able to feel Teresa’s emotions. When she was scared I was scared. When she was nervous I was nervous. And that is the best compliment I believe a book can get, that it made you feel something. 

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