Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton ♥♥♥♥

Don’t judge Alice Clayton’s Wallbanger by its cover! I know we all do it; we pick up the book with the cool cover because the cover must say something about the story.  I picked up Wallbanger (hesitant because of the cover) thinking it may be a little too steamy for my taste, and I was wrong.

Caroline is the epitome of sexual frustration having gone months without her O (as she calls it). Simon, her neighbor, has no problem reaching his own happy ending, banging his bed against Caroline’s wall most nights to gain his own satisfaction. Caroline is even able to differentiate between the three women Simon keeps on rotation based on their…noises.

Fed up one night, Caroline goes to confront Simon, and is met with a very attractive neighbor…in a sheet. And cue the drama as Simon and Caroline are thrown together, become friends, and have to decide if they want to be more than friends.

I thought this story was funny and very unexpected. Caroline and her friends are so great together, and their banter is what I expect in real life from people who have known each other so long. Their relationships seemed so real.

Simon is not what I expected in that he seemed like a real person instead of the completely perfect guy we normally get in romance novels (although his shortcomings and brokenness aren’t highlighted as much as usual either). It was a nice change from the norm. I really enjoyed how real the characters were.

The only strange thing about the book, and I can’t decide how I feel about it, is the point of view. For most of the book we see everything form Caroline’s perspective, she is telling us her story. Then, probably around the middle of the story, we have text messages between characters, and not all those conversation involve Caroline. Not long after that we have a very awkward (for the characters) car ride, and that whole scene contains the thoughts of four different characters, one of whom is Caroline. I’m not sure if I liked that or not, but it was surprising.

As a whole I really enjoyed the book and I am looking forward to the sequel Rusty Nailed. I am also looking forward to Alice Clayton’s other series Redhead, which starts with the book Unidentified Redhead, as soon as the library gets me a copy.

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