Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Assumptions by Melanie Codina ♡♡♡.5

Assumptions (Assumed Expectations, #1)Assumptions by Melanie Codina is the first book I've read by this author. It's another book which was recommended to me by Goodreads because of another book I read.

Assumptions tells the story of Leeann, a physical therapist, who starts to fall for college soccer player Jonathan. She has a rule against dating jocks, but she can't help but fall for Jonathan's charm and good looks.

But throughout their time together they face a few different issues. Some coming from outsiders and some due to Leeann's assumptions.

I enjoyed this easy quick read. There was drama and issues for the couple, but none of them really lasted long. I would say the story was predictable, and the issues the couple had were easily solved. Which made it an easy read.

I would probably read more books by Melanie Codina if something caught my eye. I usually like a book with a bit more tension, but books like these can be good between the tearjerkers.

Have you read anything by Melanie? What did you think?

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