Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chaos by Jamie Shaw ♡♡♡♡.5

Chaos: Mayhem Series #3Chaos by Jamie Shaw is the third book in the Mayhem series. I have been waiting for this book since Riot came out, and I am disappointed that there is only one band member left to go after this. But, as always, this book had me up all night reading as I laughed and cried along with the characters.

Chaos tells the story of the newest member of Last Ones to Know, Kit. She has a past with Shawn that he can't seem to remember, and she can't seem to forget. Going on tour together is full of tension, and we watch the two come together and fall apart.

I loved this story! Kit is a great character, exactly who I wanted to be during my emo days (I still love the music, but no longer dress the part). She's funny, smart, and so strong. Joel, from Riot, is still my favorite, but getting to know Shawn better was awesome. He's made some mistakes in the past, but he's trying to make up for them now.

Words hardly seem enough to say how much I love this book and series. I am so ready for Mike's story, and not at all ready to part with this band. Jamie Shaw's books capture your attention from the very beginning, and I didn't want to stop until I knew how everything would end.

If you enjoy new adult books, you should read this series, and get ready to fall in love!

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